Townshend Common Use

Motorized vehicles are prohibited from driving upon the Town Common. Emergency vehicles that are providing for the health and safety of event attendees are permitted to park in the grassy area of the Common during the event. This would include any necessary firetrucks, ambulances, or law enforcement vehicles. No other vehicles should be parked on the Common during the event. 

The trees on the Town Common will not be used as anchors, tie-downs, or bolsters. Absolutely no nails, tacks, staples, or ropes shall be used on any trees, nor will ground stakes be driven within four (4) feet of any tree trunks. 

Use of the Town’s available electric service on the Town Common is not permitted without prior permission. 

The Town Common will be completely cleared of all trash immediately following the event. All structures, appliances, and fuel tanks will be removed and the Town Common returned to its original condition, within 24 hours. 

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